Boyce College boasts a well-published faculty of excellent teachers that is on the frontlines of evangelical scholarship, cultural engagement, and local church leadership.

Dustin B. Bruce

Dean of Boyce College; Assistant Professor of Church History and Christian Theology

Bryan Baise

Bryan Baise

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics

Alisha Biler

Assistant Professor of English and Linguistics

David Bosch

David Bosch

Associate Dean for Academic Strategy; Associate Professor of Business Administration

Denny Burk

Denny Burk

Professor of Biblical Studies

Melissa Tucker

Melissa Tucker

Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Kha Do

Assistant Professor of Music and Worship

David DeKlavon

Associate Dean for Academic Administration; Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation

Tyler Flatt

Tyler Flatt

Assistant Professor of Humanities

Barry Gibson

Associate Professor of Teacher Education

Adam Howell

Assistant Professor of Old Testament Interpretation

Jeff Hunter

Dean of Students; Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry

Barry Joslin

Professor of Christian Theology

John Klaassen

Associate Professor of Global Studies

Jason Leverett

Associate Professor of Communication

Oren Martin

Assistant Professor of Christian Theology

Bryan Payne

Brian Payne

Associate Professor of Christian Theology and Expository Preaching