Boyce Academy

A one week college experience for high school students

July 14 - 19, 2019

Experience college life

Be introduced to life on a Christian college campus. Living in dorms, studying on a beautiful campus, and enjoying college activities will prepare students to transition to full-time college life after high school.

Earn college course credit

At the Boyce Academy, high school students will be introduced to college-level work for which they may earn both high school and two hours of college credit.

Study with world-class scholars

The Boyce College faculty represent some of the most accomplished and respected scholars in Christian higher education. At the Boyce Academy, students will train under world-class scholars.

Receive a college scholarship

Students who successfully complete the Boyce Academy will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship upon full-time residential enrollment at Boyce College in the fall of their freshman year. Students can receive an additional scholarship for each year that they attend Boyce Academy.

Matt Hall headshot

Tyler Flatt

Assistant Professor of Humanities

Bryan Baise

Bryan Baise

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics


Each year, the Boyce Academy features courses that focus on a central theme. This year, students will explore philosophical, historical, and literary perspectives on “beauty.”

EN 116 Conceptions of Beauty in Western Literature

with Tyler Flatt

Students will explore the various ways in which ideal notions of poetic beauty have evolved throughout the Western literary tradition, from medieval times to the 21st century. Together we will ask: how is the challenge of conjuring beauty through the written word different from the pursuit of beauty in other media (fine art, music, etc.)? Through lectures, readings, and discussions, students will investigate the changing forms, themes, and conventions of beauty in Western literature.

PH 116 Beauty and the Christian Tradition

with Bryan Baise

Students will investigate the nature of beauty, how it has been debated from the early church to our present context, and contemporary applications to worldview and culture. The course will focus on three primary areas: Beauty and God, Beauty and Creation, Beauty and Culture. Each section will explore how to study and defend beauty from a Christian worldview.


The dates for the 2019 Boyce Summer Academy are July 15–19. Students and families will be able to check-in after 5 p.m. on the evening of Sunday, July 14. Parents would pick up their students between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Friday, July 19.

During the week, a typical day will look like the following:


8 a.m. Breakfast
9 a.m. Morning Class
Noon Lunch
1 p.m. Afternoon Class
3:30 p.m. Study Hall
5 p.m. Free Time on Campus
6 p.m. Dinner
7 p.m. Student Activity
10 p.m. Curfew


Tuition $798
Room and Board $160
Activities $40
Total $998

Students who successfully complete the Boyce Academy will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship upon full-time residential enrollment at Boyce College in the fall of their freshman year. Students can receive an additional scholarship for each year that they attend Boyce Academy.


The Boyce Academy is open to high school students who are rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors and who have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA.

To apply for the Boyce Summer Academy, submit the following to the Boyce Admissions Office. All application materials are due by July 1, 2019.

  • Boyce Academy Application – Request this below.
  • High School Transcript with qualifying 3.0 GPA
  • 200-250 word essay
  • $15 application fee.

Request application materials for the Boyce Academy here:

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All application materials can be sent to Boyce Admissions

Boyce Admissions

2825 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40280


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