David Bosch

Professor of Business Administration; Program Coordinator, Business Administration

B.A., Gatton School of Business, University of Kentucky; MBA, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame;  Ph.D., Regent University

Bosch studied Accounting at the University of Kentucky and completed an MBA at the University of Notre Dame with a focus in Finance and International Business. He spent six years living in Iraq working as a management consultant for small businesses and he started and managed two businesses. He also taught management and accounting classes at the University of Dohuk, Iraq. Bosch returned to the United States in 2011 to finish his Ph.D. at Regent University and taught in the Business school at Asbury University from 2011 to 2015.

Bosch has previously worked for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of corporate finance, treasury, strategic planning, and supply chain management. Additionally, he has worked in compliance and financial planning for a regional bank, the investor-reporting department of an institutional real estate investment firm, and directing relief and development work in Central America. His research interests include the impact of personal values and spirituality on commercial and social entrepreneurship.

Ask A Professor

Why do you love teaching at Boyce College?

I love teaching at Boyce because both my colleagues, the other faculty, and my students are serious about their faith. They are serious about seeing how their vocation and work in the marketplace can be used by God to further his Kingdom. So, it is fun to engage with students who are thinking beyond just wealth accumulation or career advancement, but truly are interested in learning so they are better equipped to be used by God. Plus, they are just fun to be around!

What are some of your top students doing with their degree?

Thanks be to God, the business program at Boyce College has had great success in having students placed in the workforce. About ninety percent of our students have found jobs in organizations. One of our students is a Marketing Specialist at a large, national advertising agency working on ad campaigns involving Fortune 500 clients. Even without a traditional marketing degree at Boyce College he was able to work as an intern in different marketing roles for other firms that, coupled with his business degree, allowed him to stand out and get a good job with a great firm. Additionally, our curriculum emphasizes entrepreneurship and we have had a few students that are having success after starting their own small businesses. Additionally, we just had a student get a job with one of the national Big Four accounting firms. Again, this student was able to leverage the Boyce Business degree and internships to get hired at this prestigious firm. We also have graduates working as a Risk Analyst for a Fortune 100 firm, we have two working as operations managers for large manufacturing-based companies. Other students are doing technology sales, serving as a branch manager at a bank, managing a department in a non-profit organization and a commercial real estate analyst to name a few. The other ten percent of our business students go on to do graduate work in various fields. We have students in Law School, getting their Masters of Divinity and we even have one getting a Master’s degree in English. Regardless, of what they are doing and where God leads them they are all encouraged to view their work as ministry and as being salt and light in the context to which God leads them in the marketplace. Boyce’s Vocation and Career Development office has been instrumental in helping us achieve the success we have had. From resume and cover letter help to practice for interviews to career fairs our students have had success in finding internships and jobs after graduation.

What makes the Boyce Business Program degree at Boyce College distinct?

There are three distinct aspects of the Boyce Business Program. First, we are Global. Second we are Entrepreneurial. And, third we are Missional. Let me briefly explain each of these. First of all we are Global. That means that our business curriculum is comprehensive in nature. This degree is not “business-lite” but it is similar to what you would get at the best business schools, however with a Christ-centered worldview. Secondly, by global efforts we have built the program with a strong international flavor. We have a faculty that has lived and worked in Latin America, North Africa, Europe and the Middle East and they bring this experience into the classroom. Second, I mentioned that our business program is Entrepreneurial. Many of today’s students have a strong desire to work in smaller organizations, ministries, and businesses. In fact, many want to start their own businesses and organizations both domestically and internationally. Therefore, we have built the curriculum so that students will be exposed to the entrepreneurial process of idea generation, market research, financial modeling, fundraising and business plan development. This is useful whether you are pursuing a career in either the for-profit or non-profit arena. In fact, we have students today developing their own businesses that they are readying to launch in the near future. So the Boyce business program is Global; it is also Entrepreneurial, and finally it is Missional. Here at Boyce we believe God has a heart for the nations and that business is a tool that can be used for His purposes here in the States but also around the world. So we leverage the strong Bible and Theology core that all Boyce students take and couple that with our strong business curriculum to prepare our students for ministry.