You're Boyce Bound!

Congratulations, You've Been Accepted!

We’re excited to welcome you to campus! Please read through the information on this page carefully. Let us know if there’s information or assistance you need that you don’t find here. Welcome to Boyce!

Course Registration and Academic Advising

You can learn more about class registration here. We encourage all students to speak with their academic advisor before signing up for classes to ensure that they take the correct classes in the correct sequence. They know what the workloads for classes are like and can help you put together a balanced schedule, setting you on a good pace to get from orientation to graduation. You can sign up for a phone or in-person appointment here.

For general questions about the registration process, contact Academic Records.

Housing and Roommates

We believe the dorm room is just as much a training ground as the classroom. Boyce Student Life can answer all your housing questions: pricing, timelines, roommates and much more. Contact Boyce Student Life with questions (502-897-4227).

Commuters & Transfers

We are committed to a residential model of learning but we do grant exemptions from our residential requirement in specific circumstances. To read more about our residential requirement and to apply for a housing exemption, go here.

Commuters have unique opportunities, needs, and experiences. Check out these Boyce commuter tips that will help you navigate your Boyce commuter experience. You can also get a feel for Louisville before you arrive. Contact Boyce Student Life with questions (502-897-4227).

Welcome to Boyce College

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