What kinds of things are graduates from the business program doing?

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January 15, 2020

By: David Bosch

Thanks be to God, the business program at Boyce College has had great success in having students placed in the workforce. About ninety percent of our students have found jobs in organizations. One of our students is a Marketing Specialist at a large, national advertising agency working on ad campaigns involving Fortune 500 clients. Even without a traditional marketing degree at Boyce College, he was able to work as an intern in different marketing roles for other firms that, coupled with his business degree, allowed him to stand out and get a good job with a great firm. Additionally, our curriculum emphasizes entrepreneurship and we have had a few students that are having success after starting their own small businesses.

Additionally, we just had a student get a job with one of the national Big Four accounting firms. Again, this student was able to leverage the Boyce Business degree and internships to get hired at this prestigious firm. We also have a graduate working as a Risk Analyst for a Fortune 100 firm, and we have two working as operations managers for large manufacturing-based companies. Other students are doing technology sales, serving as a branch manager at a bank, managing a department in a non-profit organization, and a commercial real estate analyst to name a few.

The other ten percent of our business students go on to do graduate work in various fields. We have students in Law School, getting their Master of Divinity, and we have one getting a Masters degree in English. Regardless of what they are doing and where God leads them, they are all encouraged to view their work as ministry and to be salt and light in the context to which God leads them in the marketplace.

Boyce’s Vocation and Career Development office has been instrumental in helping us achieve the success we have had. From resume and cover letter help, to practice for interviews, to career fairs, our students have had success in finding internships and jobs after graduation.

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David BoschDavid Bosch is Associate Professor of Business Administration and Program Coordinator, Business Administration at Boyce College.

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