How can a Communication degree prepare a student for the modern workplace?

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How can a Communication degree prepare a student for the modern workplace?

By Jason Leverett

Program Coordinator & Associate Professor of Communication


Our Communication program provides a curriculum that helps students develop and enhance practical skills they will need to become effective strategic communicators in the workplace. More specifically, we help students develop soft skills—interpersonal skills people need to harmoniously interact with others—by exploring theory and practice related to relationship management. Our communication courses help students develop skills in negotiation, active listening, emotional intelligence, creativity, judgment and decision making, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. These skills are essential in the modern workplace, and we specialize in helping students develop them.

In addition, we help students develop hard skills—specific technical knowledge and training one needs to succeed in a specific profession—by exploring and practicing current communication tactics in public relations, employee communication and promotions (advertising, direct marketing, digital/internet marketing, sales promotion, and personal selling). Students in our communication program gain experience and improve their communication skills by writing mock press releases, creating direct marketing campaigns, developing employee training material, managing social media accounts, publishing thought leadership blogs, and pitching sales promotion strategies. In short, we provide students with the necessary information they need to acquire professional insight and successfully practice strategic communication within the modern workplace.

Most importantly, we provide a professionally focused degree that complements Boyce’s dedication to discipleship, missions and biblical education. At Boyce, our communication students are required to take over thirty credits/hours in biblical and theological studies. We believe these courses successfully prepare students to effectively navigate through the various challenges they will face as they enter the modern workplace.



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