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Build a foundation.

This degree will help you build a theological and philosophical foundation for communication.

Integrate your studies.

Communication degree students will be provided with the ability to integrate their studies with communication-based issues that Christians face around the globe.

Communicate theology.

This degree will help students discuss and solve communication issues with a strong theological core.

The Communication program is an interdisciplinary approach to studying influential communication techniques and concepts. It will prepare students to successfully engage with communication concepts and ideas that have shaped the world.

Faculty Profile

Jason Leverett

Dr. Leverett leads the new B.S. in communication as program coordinator and as a professor.


“Dr. Leverett is a proven teacher with ample experience. His research and scholarship in the field is highly respected, and he brings a unique awareness of what this major needs to look like in the 21st century for a school like Boyce College. He’s an innovative thinker, a passionate teacher, and he’s a gracious and kind Christian gentleman with a wonderful family.”

Matthew J. Hall, dean of Boyce College


Program of Study




General Studies


EN 101 English Composition I 3
EN 102 English Composition II 3
HS 161 World History 3
HS 171 American History 3
HU 421 Great Books Seminar I 3
HU 422 Great Books Seminar II 3
MA – Math Elective 3
PH 103 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PH 108 Worldview Analysis 3
PH 311 Introduction to Ethics 3
PH 321 Religion in the Public Square 3
PS 101 Introduction to Psychology 3

Ministry Studies


MS 101 Introduction to Christian Missions 3
MS 105 Personal Evangelism 3
SP 105 Introduction to Public Speaking 3
SP 106 Advanced Public Speaking 3

Biblical and Theological Studies


BL 101 Old Testament Survey I 3
BL 102 Old Testament Survey II 3
BL 111 Hermeneutics 3
BL 151 New Testament Survey I 3
BL 152 New Testament Survey II 3
HS 202 Church History I 3
HS 202 Church History II 3
TH 211 Christian Theology I 3
TH 212 Christian Theology II 3
TH 311 Christian Theology III 3

Major Studies


CS 101 Introduction to Communication 3
CS 150 Media, Culture, and Society 3
CS 201 Interpersonal Communication 3
GS 211 Intercultural Communication 3
BA 251 Management and Organizational Behavior 3
CS 376 Communication Theory and Praxis 3
CS 425 Research Methods in Communication Studies 3
CS 498 Communication Internship 3
Restricted Elective (CS or BA course) 3

Strategic Communication Concentration

CS 301 Strategic Communication 3
CS 352 Crisis Management 3
CS 456 Integrated Marketing Communication 3
BA 241 Marketing 3
Choose one of the following two courses:
BA 310 Social Ventures and Global Studies 3
BA 321 Social Entrepreneurship and Management of Nonprofits 3

General Electives


Total Degree Hours


Prerequisite: CP 100. Students needing this course should register for it during their first semester of study. All course work is completed online. There is no charge for this course.

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