1. Can I earn an entire degree online?

Boyce College offers an Associate of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies that can be earned completely online.

2. What courses are offered online?

Scheduled Boyce College Online Course offerings may be found here. Check the Catalogs & Forms page to view the current Academic Catalog, which provides course descriptions.

3. How much do online courses cost?

The current tuition and fees can be found at Tuition & Fees.

4. What can I expect from online courses? I’ve never done online education before.

You can expect the same quality theological education offered in an online format as you would expect to receive at our Louisville campus. A high level of self-discipline is required to complete course work in this non-traditional format. See question five below for more detail about studying online with Boyce College.

5. How do online courses work?

Students registered for online courses access their classes through MySBTS. Canvas is our course management system, the online classroom and is the place where students access course syllabi, view lectures, hand in assignments, write tests, and complete all course work.

6. What schedule do the online courses follow?

Online courses are offered in 8-week formats – Fall (FA1/FA2), Winter (JA), Spring (SP1/SP2), and Summer (SU). For more information about the schedule visit 8-Week Online Terms. See the Academic Calendar web page for specific dates.

7. How do I obtain textbooks?

Registered students will access the list of the required textbooks on their Canvas course page. Students may arrange for the purchase and delivery of textbooks from any book dealer of their choosing. Keep in mind that our The Bookstore at Southern is always ready to assist you and can be reached by calling 1-502-897-4506; ask about price match.

8. What’s the interactivity of classes like?

There is a wide range of interactivity in our courses just like in our on-campus courses. Some courses have high levels of interaction and less lecture content and others have less interaction and more lecture content.

9. Will the professors know me? How about other like-minded students?

Students will have access to the professor through online interaction and email. Many courses include interaction with other students through discussion forums.

10. Can I audit an online course?

No. Boyce College Online courses are not available for audit.

11. What do I do to get started?

To participate in one of our online courses, you must first be accepted as a student by Boyce College. For more information see our Future Students Apply Now page or contact our office of Admissions by calling 1-800-626-5525, extension 4617, or by e-mail at admissions@sbts.edu.

12. How do I register for an online course?

Once you are approved through the admissions process, you will receive an acceptance letter containing your student ID#, student email address and other information necessary to register for online courses. All registration now takes place in MySBTS. For further assistance you may also contact the Office of Academic Records at 1-800-626-5525, x 4209. Please see Registration and Course Information for more details.

Please note that students who take classes at the main Louisville campus can not register for Internet courses without submitting an Online Registration/Exception Request Form.

13. What if I must drop an online course?

If you do not properly drop an online course for which you have registered, you will receive a failing grade at the end of the semester. Please see this Academic Records Registration Policy page for details about when and how you may drop a course. Please do not simply “not show up” in an online course!

14. What other resources are available to me?

Library resources, technical support, streamed chapel services, professor blogs and more are available to you via the Boyce and/or the Seminary website.

The Center for Student Success is committed to help and support students by providing academic advising, a Writing Center, international student services, and assistance for students with disabilities.

15. What if I have more questions?

First, browse through the pages of this website. You will find many answers right at your fingertips. You can also read through the current Boyce College Viewbook for helpful information. Second, do not hesitate to contact us. You may email us at boyceonline@sbts.edu or call us toll-free at 1-800-626-5525 ext. 4316 or 1-502-897-4390 ext. 4316 (local) and we would love to assist you.