Online Course Registration Request

All on-campus Boyce students must complete the following form to request registration for online courses.

* It is strongly encouraged that you meet with a Boyce Academic Advisor prior to completing this form.

  • All information must be filled out entirely before submitting this form.
  • Please include as much pertinent information as possible regarding your need to take an online course that matches the criteria listed below (the Center for Student Success may ask for additional information for further clarification).
  • Students must submit a new request form for each 8-week term (multiple courses per term can be included on one form).
  • Once a decision has been made, you will be notified by email.


The following criteria are necessary to determine a student’s eligibility to be approved for an online course:

*Please note that the presence of one or more of these circumstances does not automatically guarantee the granting of an exception. Each student’s request will be considered individually.

  1. The course is necessary to complete the on-campus student’s graduation requirements. The student must be eligible for graduation at the end of the academic year in which the course is being offered. In addition, the course must not be offered in any on-campus format during that semester or, if it is, there must be an unavoidable schedule conflict with the required course.
  2. The student commutes 50 miles or more one way in order to attend on-campus courses.
  3. The student is suffering a physical injury, disease, or disability that limits their ability to attend courses on campus.
  4. The student has firmly established plans to move away from the Louisville area (more than 50 miles) during the semester in which the course is offered.
  5. The appropriate Dean determines that the student has experienced some extraordinary circumstance predicating the need to register early. Full time employment does not qualify as an extraordinary circumstance.


By submitting this form, I hereby agree that the below written statements are factual and true to the best of my knowledge.


Boyce College - Online Course Registration Request Form

  • Personal Information

  • Enter six-digit Student ID#.
  • First initial, last name, last three digits of Student ID# followed by
  • Online Course Information

  • Please provide as much clear, detailed information as possible for requesting the above Online Course(s). Failure to provide sufficient and necessary information will affect the length of processing time.