Why is a theological foundation important for K-12 educators?

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By Barry Gibson and Melissa Tucker, professors of teacher education at Boyce College

A strong foundation of core academic disciplines and educational pedagogy will make a successful teacher for any classroom. However, becoming an effective teacher who will provide a Christ-centered quality education for one’s students in public, Christian, and classical school requires a solid theological foundation.

In today’s diverse society, having a firm theological foundation enables an individual to bring not only confident and well-prepared teaching, but light into the classroom. Christian teachers in every school are critically important in contributing to students’ academic and spiritual formation. With 30 hours of biblical and theological studies and over 50 hours of professional education studies, the Boyce College Teacher Education Program is designed to equip future educators to be servant leaders with the range of knowledge necessary for the profession of teaching, skills for teaching in any classroom, and dispositions necessary to display a Christ-centered attitude and work ethic in their profession.

Exceptional leaders are portrayed as those with high standards, who keep their commitments, and exercise self-discipline. To build these traits, teacher candidates should be taught Christian values of honesty and fairness in addition to the importance of setting goals for daily life through theological studies. The educational foundation should be designed to ground the future educator in Christian values that are biblically-based and hold to a standard of behavior and guidelines which encourage students to exemplify these strong values.

The subtle teaching of humanism, socialism, and progressivism is dangerously persuasive to impressionable students. The theological foundation to build strong teachers is a must if there are to be students in the classroom that will be raised to be the “heritage of the Lord” according to God’s Word. With teacher dispositions stemming from personal integrity, the recognition of diversity as a fact of life, the belief in effective communication, and servant-leadership, the Boyce College Teacher Education Program seeks to prepare students for just that—meeting diverse populations with the truth of the gospel and addressing educational challenges with faithful excellence.

Boyce College teacher candidates are trained to be totally committed to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, to the Great Commission as their mandate, and to service as their calling. The Boyce Teacher Education Program is founded on these theological studies and is committed to the principles of education which produce exemplary educators and see the furtherance of God’s kingdom through the K12 classroom.



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