How will Boyce equip me to find a job after graduating?

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By Ben Hussung, Director of the Vocation and Career Development office

At Boyce College, we’re committed to helping you in every way possible as you launch into your career after college. From your first day on campus, the office of Vocation and Career Development will come alongside you as you discern God’s calling for your life, pursue experiences within your field, and then prepare to find a place to begin your career.

We offer workshops on networking, internships, resumes, cover letters, communication, and professionalism. We also offer networking opportunities and major-specific info sessions where we bring in a recruiter for a particular organization, as well as a Career and Internship Expo where we bring in over 60 businesses, non-profits, missions agencies, graduate schools, and churches to meet our students. Additionally, we offer personal networking help so that you can develop relationships that will help you learn more about your field and make you much more likely to land a great first job once you graduate.

As you come closer to graduation, we continue to support you through one-on-one career counseling, personal resume and cover letter editing, LinkedIn help, and even interview coaching. Most students graduate, begin looking for a job, and then realize that they need to have all of these documents and skills in order to compete, but at Boyce, we equip our students early so that they can be confident in their resume and cover letter as they search for jobs and so that they can present themselves well in interview settings. After you graduate, we continue to provide support in all of these areas, even after you are successful in your career and many years removed from Boyce.