On the Road Again: Tips for Commuters

College Life as a commuter can be a unique experience with distinct opportunities, challenges, and needs. Here are some tips that can help you navigate the commuter experience.

Get involved. Learn the campus, meet the staff and jump into activities, events, and ministries. Hang out in Sampey Commons. Grab a coffee in Founder’s Cafe. Join student organizations and study groups. Get involved and stay involved. As a commuter, it can be tempting to parachute in for classes and helicopter out as soon as class ends. But we hope you’ll plug into our vibrant campus life from day one so that we can share life together, serve one another, and sharpen each other throughout the short season we have together. So even though you have a daily commute and a full schedule, dive into the Boyce community. Get involved, be blessed, and be a blessing.

Go deep in relationships. Living off-campus, you might be tempted to view yourself as an outsider. But no one else does. So walk the campus, visit the dorms, eat in the cafeteria, and pursue meaningful relationships. Follow up with the student who shares a prayer request in class. Go places when you’re invited. Jump into small groups and prayer groups. Go deep in relationships, and you’ll be deeply rewarded.

Stay in touch. As a commuter, communication is key. We’ll utilize all sorts of media to keep you informed, and you’ll receive timely blasts of information so you’ll always know what’s happening at Boyce. But communication is a two-way street, so read your campus email, visit the website, stop and scan the posters, and listen to the buzz around campus. Knowing is half the battle, so stay in touch.

Use your gifts. You have God-given gifts, experiences, and desires. When you get here, start looking (right away!) for ways to use them. We don’t want a single talent wasted or a single skilly lying dormant. We’ll point you toward opportunities from the beginning, and if there isn’t a clear way for you to use your gifts, we’ll walk you through how to create one. New student organizations are always forming and our Student Council is always dreaming up new ways to enjoy fellowships, build memories, and reach out. So start thinking now about how to use your gifts at Boyce.

Love your neighbors. As a commuter, you get to live near non-believers, and we long for our Boyce commuters to be a gospel force in their respective communities. So set aside time, attend community events, throw block parties, barbecue with neighbors, find ways to serve, and then open your mouth with the good news of Jesus Christ crucified and risen. Show people what a redeemed and transformed college student looks like, and tell them about the Christ who forgives and transforms.

Help us help you. You have unique opportunities and needs; we have resources and a heart to help. Let’s work together. As you generate ideas or encounter concerns about commuter life, get in touch with our Student Life office. Share with us your challenges or your solutions so we can help.