Residential Requirements

All Boyce students are required to reside on campus in designated housing. Anyone desiring to move off campus must receive an exemption from Boyce Student Life. Exemptions are typically given to: (1) married students; (2) students living with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s); (3) students 22 years old or older on the first day of classes; and/or (4) students who are both part-time (enrolled in less than 12 credit hours) and have completed at least 96 credit hours by the first day of classes. Exemptions are occasionally given to students who do not meet any of the above criteria but who are experiencing extreme hardships, but these exemptions are rare.

Students approved to live off-campus based on the student living with parent(s) or legal guardian(s) must remain in the home with the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) for the entirety of the semester. Similarly, students approved to live off-campus based on part-time status must remain part-time for the entirety of the semester. Students who violate the residency requirement may face disciplinary action (reprimand, probation, or withdrawal), a monetary fine, and be required to move on-campus or forfeit their student status.

Exemption requests must be submitted by July 1 (for fall semester) and by December 1 (for spring semester). If denied, the student must live in the on-campus residence halls. Student Life will respond to exemption requests as soon as possible. Please submit your request in advance of deadlines to ensure that you have a response before you make plans, sign a lease, etc

Residential Exemption Request

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