Sampey Commons Reservation Form

Sampey Commons Reservation Form

Please use this form to request event space in Sampey Commons.
  • Guidelines

  • Boyce College Student Usage

    Sampey Commons may be reserved by on-campus and off-campus students of Boyce College. Students may request to reserve the kitchens or conference rooms of Sampey Commons by using the below reservation request form.
  • SBTS Usage

    All SBTS students may only reserve Sampey Commons once the housing contract expires for the fall or spring semester until two weeks before each semester begins.
  • SBTS Staff Usage

    During the semester, SBTS staff may request the space for institutional/departmental functions by using the below reservation request form.
  • External Group Usage

    All groups with no connection to SBTS or Boyce College should contact the Office of Event Productions at 502-897-4072 for more information on reserving space on campus.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
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  • **Common spaces may not be reserved.
  • Please briefly describe what you will be using the space for; e.g. Party, student organization meeting, staff luncheon, group of friends cooking.