A Christian College Parents Can Trust

Equipping students for a life of Christian service in the marketplace, the local church, and the community.

Developing a Christian Worldview

Every career your student is considering needs, at its core, a comprehensive Christian worldview. The life-centering philosophy a person adopts as a young adult becomes the filter through which they understand the world around them and guides them into wise, others-focused decision making. Within every Boyce College degree program, your son or daughter will develop a cohesive worldview where academics and real life intersect.

At Boyce, we’re committed to providing your student a college environment where their worldview will be calibrated to biblical truth. This approach to classroom instruction, unique to Boyce College, is evidenced throughout the curriculum, across all academic disciplines, not just those programs preparing students for full-time Christian ministry.

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Encouraging Students to Follow Christ

Many young adults stop going to church at the same time they start attending college. Boyce College is different. We cultivate and promote an atmosphere for spiritual, social, and intellectual growth. All students must participate actively in a local congregation through full-membership or watch-care status.

Pursuing gospel transformation in your student encompasses the local church along with every experience on campus. Through our events, twice-weekly chapel services, residential life, student organizations, and every facet of campus life, Boyce is committed to helping your son or daughter develop a life of discipleship. Beyond their GPA, we want our students to live a life marked by godliness, wisdom, and love for God and neighbor.

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Jeremiah and Tawney Hayes consistently use one word to describe why four of their children and several of their church members became students at Boyce College. Watch their story here to see if that word describes what you are looking for in a college.


The Most-Asked Questions
about Choosing a College

Guiding your student toward making the right choice for college means asking a lot of important questions. Below are three of the most frequently asked questions parents have when searching for the best college for their student. Click on the videos below to watch parents of current and former Boyce College students discuss how they identified the right-fit college for their sons and daughters.