Succeed in Your Classroom Without Surrendering Your Faith

The Encouraged and Equipped Teachers’ Conference
Boyce College, Louisville KY
July 18, 2024

The Purpose

There is tension in your classroom almost every day. Many of the struggles are external: inattentive students, disengaged parents, and “new pedagogical approaches” that remind you of recycled ideas that didn’t work the last time you tried them.

The internal conflict, though unseen by others, is just as real and even more urgent.

How can I continue to teach educational content that violates my biblical values without putting my career at risk?

The Encouraged and Equipped Teachers’ Conference is designed to show you how to do both: succeed in your classroom without surrendering your faith.

The Plan, The People, and The Process

THE PLAN: Here are the topics this conference will explore:

Encouraging Session 1: Why We Teach. The opening session is designed to encourage you and to reignite your passion and pursuit of teaching.

Break Out Sessions 1 & 2:

  • Tech in the Classroom: Navigating What’s Next in Social Media, AI, and Technology
  • DEI in the Classroom: Biblically Addressing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Burnout in the Classroom: How to Start Well, Perform Well, and Finish Well

Classroom Panel Discussion

  • How Christian Educators Live Out their Faith with Integrity
  • How to Collaborate with Challenging Parents
  • How to Serve Well Your Savior and Your Supervisor

Equipping Session 2: How We Teach. The closing session reveals the biblical truths that instruct Christ-centered educators on how to excel in their profession while keeping their faith first.

The People

Dwayne Gibson headshot

Dewayne Gibson

Special Education Teacher, Larue County Public Schools

Dr. Melissa Tucker headshot

Melissa Tucker

Public and private school teacher; chairs the Boyce College Teacher Education Program

Benjamin Pinnick headshot

Benjamin Pinnick

Elementary School Principal, Jefferson County Public Schools

Dr. Jason Thacker headshot

Jason Thacker

Teaches philosophy and ethics at Boyce College; Author of The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity

Dr. Barry Gipson headshot

Barry Gibson

Taught elementary, middle, and high school students in public and private schools; Trains future teachers enrolled in the Boyce College Teacher Education Program

Kevin Osborne headshot

Kevin Osborne

Music teacher at Marnel C. Moorman School and Martha Layne Collins High School in Shelbyville

Clinton Elliott headshot

Clinton Elliott

A Kentucky attorney who counsels and represents educators both locally and internationally

The Process

The $49 registration fee includes conference admission, coffee, pastries, and lunch.