Boyce College Meal Plan Exemption Request Form

All Boyce students residing in Boyce College dorms (non-married Fuller Hall rooms and the Mullins Complex) are required to purchase a meal plan. Occasionally, but extremely rarely, a student’s dietary needs cannot be accommodated by our dining services. In those cases, students may be exempt from the meal plan. Students desiring to be exempt from the meal plan requirement must complete the Meal Plan Exemption Request Form below.

The information provided needs to be specific. If you’re applying based on allergies, list exactly which foods or substances you are allergic to along with the severity of the allergy. For example, instead of writing “allergic to nuts,” write “non-airbone tree-nut allergy.”

Any dietary needs or restrictions that you list must be confirmed by a medical professional and documentation must be provided. You can email documentation to or bring physical copies to the Boyce Student Life office in Williams 110. Exemptions are considered based on need, not on preference.

Once the exemption request form and medical documentation have been received, Boyce Student Life will consult with Dining Services to determine if they can make the appropriate accommodations.

If Dining Services can make the necessary accommodations, Dining Services will work with you to create a plan of care.

If Dining Services cannot make the necessary accommodations, Boyce Student Life will grant an exemption from the meal plan requirement and work with you to create a plan of care.

Before you fill out the exemption request form, know that Dining Services can and does accommodate students with the following allergies: Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Seafood, MSG, Non-Airborne Nut, and Certain Oils.

If you have one of these allergies, you simply need to complete the Dietary Accommodation Registration Form. Once Dining Services receives that form, they will communicate a plan of care directly to you.

Boyce College Meal Plan Exemption Request Form

Have your dietary needs or restrictions been diagnosed by a medical professional?(Required)
Can you provide documentation of your medical diagnosis?(Required)
Click here to indicate that you understand that you must also submit documentation of your medical diagnosis and dietary needs to Boyce Student Life. Your request will not be reviewed until that documentation is received. You can email the documents to or deliver them to the Student Life office in Williams 110.(Required)