Student Loans

Boyce College does not participate in any Title IV (federal or state) student aid programs involving loans or grants. Therefore, it is unnecessary for Boyce College students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Read This First

  1. Complete the online application with Sallie Mae, Discover, or KHEAA.
  2. Boyce students should select “The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary” on the loan application, as Boyce College is a school of Southern Seminary.
  3. If approved, the lender will contact SBTS Financial Aid with approved loan amount.
  4. Student will receive an email at their student email address from Financial Aid with a Cost Estimator Worksheet (Undergraduate; Seminary Track), requesting an itemized breakdown of the requested loan amount. (Students can apply for funding for tuition, fees, books, dorm/rent, and a campus meal plan.) Student must complete Cost Estimator worksheet for the loan to be certified.
  5. The Financial Aid Office will only certify the student loan with the lender after completed Cost Estimator Worksheet is received.
  6. Loan is disbursed by term to student tuition account.
  7. Student can request a check from the Accounting Office for rent and books by logging into, selecting “Student Tools” and “Account Information” tab and then completing the “Refund Request” form once loan funds have been received to account.

Private Loan Options

Click here for a list of approved private lenders and a comparison of our preferred lenders.

Suggested Deadlines

While there is no official deadline for student loans, students who intend to use a loan disbursement to pay for tuition costs should have all parts of the application process (including submission of the Cost Estimator Worksheet to the Financial Aid Office) completed by the following dates:

  • Fall term: August 1
  • Spring term: January 1

Tips for Borrowing

  • Only borrow what you need. Remember that every dollar that is borrowed will be required to be repaid in the future, plus interest. Calculate how much of your school-related expenses can be paid by other sources (scholarships, payment plan) and then apply for a loan for the remaining amount.
  • Make monthly payments while in school. Paying off the interest that accrues each month while in school can amount to large savings after you graduate. Some lenders offer lower interest rates for students who make monthly payments while in school.
  • Apply with a cosigner if possible. Applying with an eligible cosigner can often help students be approved for a lower interest rate. Also, having a cosigner can help students who do not have adequate credit history be approved for a loan who would not otherwise be eligible.
  • Compare interest rates of lenders before applying. Find a loan and interest rate that is the best fit for you. If you apply with multiple lenders, remember to cancel loans that you do not intend to use.

Repayment and Loan Deferment

  • Start planning now for how to repay student loans. Our preferred lenders provide the following resources to help you prepare for the repayment process. Remember that you will pay less overall if you make payments while you are in school. At the same time, minimize the amount you borrow as much as possible.
  • For more information on loan deferment, please click here.

Institutional Loan Option

Short Term Loan
Southern Seminary and Boyce College offer a short term loan to continuing students for a maximum of $2,000 with an annual interest rate of 7%. Students may apply for a short term loan for tuition or living expenses by emailing or by visiting the Financial Aid Office (Norton 153). The repayment period for the loan is 6 months. Please allow one week from the time of application for processing.


  1. Student must be currently enrolled at Boyce College and a continuing student (first semester students are not eligible to apply).
  2. Student must not be on academic probation, academic warning, or under disciplinary action.
  3. Loans are not available for students who have filed bankruptcy.
  4. Student must have completed one semester at Boyce College.
  5. Loan applications must be accompanied by a Self-Certification Form (available in the Financial Aid Office).