Institutional refunds

Spouse/Dependent Refund

A spouse or dependent of a full-time student may be eligible for a 50% refund off of net tuition charges. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Only one spouse/dependent refund is permitted for each full-paying student
  • If both students are full-time, the refund will be applied to the student with the lesser tuition charges
  • Both students must pay in full by the payment deadline
  • Students must complete the Spouse/Dependent refund form (located on the Account Information section of each semester by the appropriate deadline
  • Refunds are applied to student accounts after the withdraw period ends

Questions can be directed to the Accounting Office at or (502) 897-4128.



Boyce Sibling Tuition Discount

The Sibling Tuition Discount is a graduated discount available for families with multiple siblings simultaneously enrolled at Boyce College. Eligibility requirements include:

  • All siblings must be of the same nuclear family
  • All siblings must be enrolled full-time (12+ credit hours)
  • All siblings must be currently enrolled at Boyce College (SBTS students not eligible)
  • The discount is applied as follows (sibling order is determined by date of enrollment at Boyce College):
    • First sibling- pays full tuition
    • Second sibling- $500 discount
    • Third sibling- $750 discount
    • Fourth sibling- $1,000 discount
    • Fifth sibling- $1,300
  • All siblings must pay in full by payment deadline
  • Complete the Sibling Tuition Discount Form by the last day of class


Questions can be directed to Boyce Student Life at or (502) 897-4227.