Teacher Education Resources

for Current Teacher Candidates

Welcome to the Teacher Education Resource page. This page is meant to serve TEP students by providing the resources required for education courses and clinical experience. Each item below is a required assignment for TEP students at various points throughout the program. The teacher candidate’s course professor(s) and TEP advisor will help guide them through the requirements.

General Teacher Education Information:

Teacher Education Standards:


Praxis Information:

Admission to the Teacher Education Program:

Key Assessments:

Clinical Experience:

Professional Development & Service Projects

Application to Clinical Experience II (Student Teaching):

Applying for State Certification:

Student Concerns or Complaints:

If you have concerns with anything regarding the Teacher Education Program, you can contact Dr. Melissa Tucker, program chair, or your TEP advisor using the contact information below:

If you would like to formally document a student complaint, you can do so here.