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Worldview Studies Certificate

Christian Foundation

Seven out of 10 teenagers who are active in their youth groups will leave the church after high school. This one-year program is intended to help establish a foundation in a biblical worldview in  first-time students preparing for further studies at Boyce or a university.

Special Speakers

Students will travel to Nashville and Boston to meet people on the frontlines of cultural engagement. Students spend at least two sessions with R. Albert Mohler Jr., noted author, public commentator, and president of Southern Seminary, discussing matters of worldview and college life. Students will also spend time with Bland Mason, chaplain to the Boston Red Sox, as he teaches “Christianity on the Secular Campus.”

University Exposure

The capstone course for the WSC is called “Christianity on the Secular Campus.” This will be a one-week long course held in Boston, Massachusetts on the historic campus of Harvard University. In addition to lectures, students will visit historic and culturally relevant sites in and around Boston. This class will provide a first-hand look at the Christian origins of academic pursuit and its influence on North American higher education.


“Through rigorous courses, kind professors, and a rich community, my year in the the Worldview Studies Certificate strengthened my love for God and people. I feel well-prepared to engage students in my classes at a secular university, more secure in what I believe, and who I am in Christ.”

RuthAnne Irvin, Worldview Study Certificate Alumna



“Everyone’s got a worldview they’re working from and working out of, a lens by which they’re viewing life. So the important thing, I think, as a Christian is not only to be able to know your worldview, but also to investigate the ideas and concepts of those worldviews around you.”

Bryan Baise, Worldview Studies Certificate Program Coordinator


Student Life

Program of Study

Worldview Certificate Students can choose from three different tracks of study (Worldview Certificate, Worldview Certificate: Teacher Education Track, and Wordview Certificate: Business Administration Track).  Learn More


Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will be able to integrate systematic and historical theology into a larger biblical framework.

2. Students will be able to describe a philosophical defense and promotion of Christianity’s emphasis on the secular university context.

3. Students will be able to explain the fundamental elements of a Christian worldview and the relation of that worldview to daily life.


The program costs a nominal $750.00 per semester fee in addition to the standard per-credit hour tuition rate. This program fee covers the cost of the extra- and co-curricular opportunities unique to the program. Some optional aspects of the program (e.g., out of town travel) may incur additional fees.

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