A Message from Dr. Baise

Bryan BaiseMy name is Bryan Baise and I am the coordinator for the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program at Boyce College. I am so thrilled to see that you are interested in our program, and wanted to let you know a bit more about us.

At Boyce College we believe that a calling to ministry can take various formats.I would love to see many young, faithful Christians consider areas of ministry where they are concerned about human flourishing and society. God has called each of us to be faithful with the tasks and talents provided, and I think that Christians have a unique opportunity to speak into various publicmarketplaces (politics, law, economics, and much more) and provide a voice for those who have none. At Boyce, you have the opportunity to get a strong biblical and theological foundation as well as earn a degree in this area that allows you to minister in unique places and contexts.

Whether you see yourself working in law, governmental service, non-profit ministries, or ministering more effectively in your everyday context, we have developed a program to give you the knowledge and skills to be effective. I would very much love to work with you to discover how you can use your education to join with what God is doing around the world for His glory.

I pray that the Lord gives you wisdom as you consider where you will attend college. My prayer is that he will lead you to study at Boyce with me and a wonderful community of students, faculty, and staff. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you might have.


Dr. Bryan Baise