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The Humanities program operates on the assumption that the primary purpose of an education is to become fully human

Transfer students are able to transfer in the maximum number of hours earned from other institutions

Humanities students are prepared for a variety of graduate programs and for jobs that require both reasoning skills and people skills

Tyler Flatt


Flatt’s job, as he sees it, is to link the what the Bible says about who we are, what we ought to think, and how we ought to live with the classics. “Grappling with these questions will be extremely enriching,” he said. “I am there to guide and curate this experience for our students, to introduce students to these great thinkers, and then to say, ‘Go now and dialogue with them.’”

Tyler Flatt, Assistant Professor of Humanities


Boyce College

Program of Study

Humanities students can choose from either the Bachelor of Science in Humanities or the Bachelor of Science in Humanities with an emphasis in history.

The Bachelor of Science in Humanities is designed for students who want a comprehensive education in the humanities combined with biblical and ministry related courses. It is intended to help students prepare for a variety of occupations, including church and para-church ministries, or further graduate studies, through a reflective engagement with history, literature, and philosophy. Learn More

The Bachelor of Science in Humanities with an emphasis in history is for those students who desire to teach history at the secondary level. This is a non-certified degree, allowing students who complete this program to begin working in most Christian and private schools. This degree will also allow a student the needed entry classes to earn a Masters of Teaching (MAT) from another university. Most colleges or universities that have a MAT program require 30-50 hours of history before entering. This degree forms the basis for that admittance. Learn More

The Elementary Education Minor will only be offered to those who are enrolled in Bachelor of Science in Humanities with an emphasis in history. This minor will allow those students to have a solid foundation in education: Introduction to Education, Child and Adolescent Development, etc. This program will also allow students to begin earning some field experience within secondary schools to develop classroom management techniques, preparing them for success in the classroom. Learn More

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the Bible, interpret Scripture’s original meaning, and apply Scripture to contemporary situations.

2. Students will be able to integrate systematic and historical theology into a larger biblical framework.

3. Students will be able to comprehend, interpret, discuss, and analyze written communication of various genres.

4. Students will be able to describe the history of civilizations and the forces shaping contemporary society.

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