Worship and Music Studies

Bachelor of Science

Ministry Faithfulness in Music

The student’s individual calling and passion within music and worship ministry is cultivated and mentored throughout the course of the degree.

Musical Excellence

Students take weekly private lessons, participate in ensembles, and receive theory and aural skills training.


The gospel is the focus in every area of this degree. All of our classes, services, and training is centered on Christ.

“ Although we are trained to be excellent musicians, we are always reminded that all of the glory goes to him, because he is the only one who deserves it. ”

Michelle Cabrera — Miami Gardens, FL

Course Information

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General Studies 33 Credits
EN 101 English Composition I 3
EN 102 English Composition II 3
HU 421 Great Books Seminar I 3
HU 422 Great Books Seminar II 3
MA — Math Elective 3
PH 103 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PH 108 Worldview Analysis 3
PH 311 Introduction to Ethics 3
PH 321 Religion in the Public Square 3
PS 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
PS 221 Marriage and the Family 3
Ministry Studies 12 Credits
CN 101 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 3
MS 101 Introduction to Christian Missions 3
MS 105 Personal Evangelism 3
SP 105 Introduction to Public Speaking 3
Biblical and Theological Studies 36 Credits
BL 101 Old Testament Survey I 3
BL 102 Old Testament Survey II 3
BL 111 Hermeneutics 3
BL 151 New Testament Survey I 3
BL 152 New Testament Survey II 3
BL — Old or New Testament Elective 3
HS 201 Church History I 3
HS 202 Church History II 3
HS 305 Baptist History 3
TH 211 Christian Theology I 3
TH 212 Christian Theology II 3
TH 311 Christian Theology II 3
Major Studies 22 Credits
MU 110 Music Theory I: Music Analysis 3
MU 115 Aural Skills I 1
MU 120 Music Theory II: Songwriting 3
MU 125 Aural Skills II 1
MU 210 Music Theory III: Arranging 3
MU 215 Aural Skills III 1
WL 251 Historical Survey of Worship Music I 3
WL 252 Historical Survey of Worship Music II 3
MU 361 Beginning Conducting 2
MU 381 Worship Ministry in the Church 2
Worship Teams 6 Credits
MU 150 Worship Team (students must be enrolled for at least four semesters)
Applied Major 8 Credits
Main area of private study: voice, piano, guitar, other
Applied Minor 4 Credits
Secondary areas of private study: piano for Applied Major Voice or Instrumental students, voice for Applied Major piano students
Restricted Electives (students must select from the list below) 8 Credits
CE 111 Introduction to Family Ministry 3
ED 230 Child and Adolescent Development 3
MU 226 Music Styles Lab 1
MU 230 Music Literature 3
MU 326 Children’s Music Methods 2
WL 181 Introduction to Worship 3
WL 231 Ethnodoxology in Christian Ministry 3
WL 316 Biblical Principles of Worship 3
WL 421 Worship Technology 2
WL 492 Dynamics of Modern Worship Leadership 2
YM 101 Principles of Youth Ministry 3
Field Education 4 Credits
WL 141 Supervised Worship Ministry Experience: Spiritual Disciplines 0.5
WL 142 Supervised Worship Ministry Experience: Managing Your Ministry 0.5
WL 241 Supervised Worship Ministry Experience: Worship Resources 0.5
WL 242 Supervised Worship Ministry Experience: Team Ministry 0.5
WL 341 Supervised Worship Ministry Experience: Soul Care 0.5
WL 342 Supervised Worship Ministry Experience: Leadership 0.5
WL 481 Senior Seminar 0.5
WL 489 Worship Internship 0.5
Total Degree Hours 133 Credits
  • Prerequisite: CP 100. Students needing this course should register for it during their first semester of study. All course work is completed online. There is no charge for this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the Bible, interpret Scripture’s original meaning, and apply Scripture to contemporary situations.
  • Students will be able to integrate systematic and historical theology into a larger biblical framework.
  • Students will demonstrate basic understanding of the language of music through theoretical analysis and aural skills performance.
  • Students will describe the historical practice and philosophy of the role of music in the church.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in the performance of music as a musician and the application of music to the local church as a music ministry leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Graduates will be prepared to serve the church with proper musical and theological training necessary to lead the church in a variety of ecclesiological contexts.

Professor Kha Do serves as the Program Coordinator for the Boyce worship program.

You can meet Professor Do and the rest of our faculty here.

As a prospective student, we have two next steps that we would love for you to consider taking. Follow the links below to take your next steps!

  • Visit Campus
  • Start your Application
  • Students who start their application must complete their application and submit the following additional documents:

  • Pastoral Recommendation
  • Spiritual Autobiography
  • Official High School Transcripts
  • Official ACT, SAT, or CLT test scores
  • Application Fee

  • Applicants will complete a musicianship assessment to be placed in applied area studies: https://boycecollege.com/new-musician-assessment/
    You can view more information about our admissions requirements here.

    Students can choose between Voice, Piano, Guitar, and other instruments as a primary applied study. They must complete a musicianship assessment in order to be placed in applied studies. Students will also complete voice and piano proficiencies along with their applied studies and choose between a number of different rhythm section lab classes.

    New students who complete their musician assessments will be evaluated by the faculty for music scholarships. Additionally, students you audition for the Boyce Worship Collective and other scholarship ensembles may be considered for music scholarships as well. To audition for an ensemble visit: boyceworshipcollective.com. Auditions are accepted annually starting in April.

    Music and Worship students are required to find church sites during their course of study to fulfilled a certain number of hours of on-site ministry experience. They are provided a list of Louisville Partner churches where they can pursue church membership and begin receiving supervised ministry experience within their first academic year. During their Junior and Senior year, they will be required to complete a 300-hour internship course at an approved site.

    Current Students

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