Global Studies

Preparation to live and work inter-culturally in both national and international settings.

While the world is flattening and distances from one country to the next are shortening, cultures still vary and students must be able to traverse those cultures effectively in order to live, work, and serve those in need.

After completing this degree, students will be able to work in a variety of positions over the world in business, government service, relief and development organizations, and serve in traditional mission settings and churches.

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
General Studies 33
EN 101 English Composition I 3
EN 102 English Composition II 3
HS 105 Ancient Near Eastern History 3
HU 421 Great Books Seminar I 3
HU 422 Great Books Seminar II 3
MA — Math Elective 3
PH 103 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PH 108 Worldview Analysis 3
PH 311 Introduction to Ethics 3
PH 321 Religion in the Public Square 3
PS 101 Introduction to Psychology 3
Biblical and Theological Studies 36
BL 101 Old Testament Survey I 3
BL 102 Old Testament Survey II 3
BL 111 Hermeneutics 3
BL 151 New Testament Survey I 3
BL 152 New Testament Survey II 3
BL —– Old or New Testament Elective 3
HS 201 Church History I 3
HS 202 Church History II 3
HS 305 Baptist History 3
TH 211 Christian Theology I 3
TH 212 Christian Theology II 3
TH 213 Christian Theology III 3
Ministry Studies 15
CN 101 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 3
MS 101 Introduction to Christian Missions 3
MS 105 Personal Evangelism 3
Choose two of the following four courses:
PR 205 Preaching I 3
PR 206 Preaching II 3
SP 105 Introduction to Public Speaking 3
SP 106 Advanced Public Speaking 3
Note: Students must choose PR 205 and PR 206, or SP 105 and SP 106
Major Studies 30
BA 111 Business and Global Studies 3
GS 211 Intercultural Communication 3
GS 221 Issues in Globalization 3
GS 231 Transformational Development and Relief 3
GS 311 Intro to Christian Anthropology 3
GS 331 Issues in Urbanization 3
GS 411 Ethnography: People Group Research 3
GS 489 Capstone Field Project 3
TH 331 World Religions 3
— — Restricted Elective 3
Choose one of the following courses: MS 211, MS 317, GS 321, GS 366, GS 431, GS 437, GS 434
General Electives/Minor 15
Choose 15 hours of General Elective courses, or, choose one of the Minors below

Total Degree Hours


Prerequisite: CP 100 Cooperative Program 2 hours

Minor Options:

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
Foreign Language and Cultural Acquisition 15
EN 262 Foundations of Linguistics and English Language Learning Issues 3
GS 341 On-field Language and Cultural Acquisition I* 3
GS 342 On-field Language and Cultural Acquisition II* 3
GS 441 On-field Language and Cultural Acquisition III* 3
Restricted Elective in any language area 3
*On-field Language Learning done in conjunction with the Hands on Program of the IMB
Relief and Transformational Development* 15
GS 431 Advanced Community Development  OR
GS 437 Advanced Relief Work 3
Restricted Electives in Relief and Development 12
*The Relief and Development Certificate must be completed on-line through Colorado State University
ESL/ENL Certification 15
ED 200 Introduction to Teaching 3
EN 261* Cross Cultural Awareness (OR EN 362) 3
EN 262 Foundations of Linguistics and English Language Learning Issues 3
EN 362* Second Language Acquisition (OR EN 261) 3
EN 363 Applied Linguistics: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening 3
EN 365 ESL/ENL Instruction and Assessment 3
Business Leadership 15
BA 101 Introduction to Business 3
BA 321 Management of Nonprofit Organizations 3
Restricted Electives 9
Choose three of the following courses: BA 211, BA 221, BA 226, BA 311, BA 321, BA 331, BA 411, BA 421
Introduction to Bible Translation 15
EN 262 Foundations of Linguistics and English Language Learning Issues 3
LN 361 Introduction to Translation and Linguistics* 3
Restricted Electives (choose either LN 231, 232 and 331, or LN 321, 322, and 421 9
*Done in partnership with SIL through their Taste of Translation and Linguistics week long class held in Dallas, TX or Chicago, IL
Church Planting 15
BA 321 Management of Non Profit Organizations 3
CE 238 Leadership Principles and Practices 3
MS 211 Introduction to Church Planting 3
MS 466 Church Planting Strategies 3
WL 181 Intro. to Worship for the Evangelical Church 3

*For information on Minoring in Global Studies, see Academic Catalog.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Students will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of the Bible, interpret Scripture’s original meaning, and apply Scripture to contemporary situations.

2. Students will be able to integrate systematic and historical theology into a larger biblical framework.

3. Students will be able to understand the history and practice of Christian Missions in a North American and global context.

4. Students will be able to apply classroom studies in Christian missions through participation in supervised ministry/church planting service or missions service.

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