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Thank you for your interest in Boyce College Online. We strive to provide you with an excellent, flexible, and interactive online learning experience. Below you will find a sample course. Feel free to look around as you get a feel for what a typical Boyce College Online course would look like.

History of the Bible

Taught by: Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

A study of the history of the Bible, beginning with the prehistory, development, and history of writing.


Old Testament Survey II

Taught by: Dr. Adam Howell

A study of the books of Job through Malachi. Special attention will be given to the interpretation of the poetic and wisdom literature and to the Hebrew prophets and their oracles.


Curriculum Information



Your course syllabus will explain the general information and content of the course. In it, you will find the course objectives, the professor information, the textbooks, and course assignments.


Each student is responsible for obtaining required textbooks from a book dealer of their choice. The Bookstore at Southern Seminary can be reached by phone at (502) 897-4506 . The cost of textbooks is not included in the cost of the course.

Course Lectures

Most of our courses feature lectures recorded in classrooms around campus or in a studio. Video lectures may also contain PowerPoint presentations, other video clips, and graphics. These lectures are accessed from the respective course page on Canvas.

Online Components

Students registered for online courses access the course syllabus, assignments, quizzes, handouts, links, announcements, chat, discussion forums, the list of required textbooks, contact information for both classmates and professors, and other vital course information via our secure course website. The course will utilize Canvas as the course management system. Registered students will receive information instructing them how to access these secured course sites.

In addition, library resources, technical support, virtual chapel resources, and other important program and seminary information are accessed via the website you are currently browsing. You may begin to explore many of these resources immediately.