Bryan Baise

Bryan Baise

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics; Program Coordinator, Worldview and Apologetics

B.A., University of Kentucky, M.Div. and Ph.D., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Baise has served in various capacities before coming to Boyce. He was a college pastor for an upstart church plant before moving to Louisville and has preached in various churches and revivals across Kentuckiana. Baise has served on an editorial staff, as a research assistant, teaching assistant, and currently as a research fellow with The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

He also speaks at various conferences on philosophy, worldview, apologetics, and has participated in several debates on college campuses. His interests range from philosophy, politics, aesthetics, pop culture, and, most assuredly, sports. He is married with three children.

Ask A Professor

Why do you love teaching at Boyce College?

I love teaching at Boyce College because of our commitment to the classroom. From colleagues sharing ideas to the student’s commitment to learning, it produces a wonderful learning experience for both student and faculty alike.

What are some of your top students doing with their degree?

We have students currently working for US Representatives, interning with Senators in DC, and going to the nations to help with human rights violations across the globe.

What makes the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics degree at Boyce College distinct?

The PPE degree unique because it encourages students to think carefully and biblically about how ideas and concepts that have shaped society, and how we can provide clarity and hope for human flourishing.