Transfer Credit

We are so excited that you are interested in studying at Boyce College. (Click HERE for Southern Seminary transfer credit information)

Boyce Transfer Credit Policy is available for you to review so that you can be well informed on your transfer to Boyce College.

Our Transfer Credit office is available to answer any questions and work with you through the transfer process. Boyce College is committed to help you succeed as a student and train you to be a minister of the gospel of Christ!

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Boyce College accepts credit from College Board’s CLEP and AP Tests.

CLEP Eligibility Chart
AP Eligibility Chart

Minimum Score Requirement

CLEP  = 50 and higher
AP = 3 and higher

Boyce College School Code

CLEP 5456
AP 3858

Admitted Transfer Students

  1. Utilize the Transfer Evaluation Service (TES) that shows of all of our established equivalencies from institutions that we have previously received transfer credit. This list is not exclusive but is updated regularly. If your school or coursework is not listed, it is still possible it could transfer to Boyce College.
  2. If you have transfer credits that meet the Transfer Credit requirements, contact the Boyce Academic Advising at for an official review of your credits.
    • An official transcript with your final grades of the course you are desiring to transfer to Boyce College is required for an official transfer credit evaluation.
    • The Transfer Credit Office may request syllabi or professor vita for certain courses on your transcript.
    • For international transcripts, a WES evaluation will be required for an official transfer credit evaluation.
  3. The Boyce Academic Advising Office will send your official Transfer Credit Evaluation to your student email within 14 business days of your request.
  4. If you have questions after receiving your evaluation, it is recommended to meet with your Boyce Academic Advisor to discuss how these credits will apply to your degree.


Boyce College has partnered with CollegeSource to provide students with an up-to-date library of all of our established equivalencies from institutions that we have previously received transfer credit.

To view the comprehensive list of established transfer equivalencies across the country please visit the Boyce TES Site.

This list is not exclusive, but is updated regularly. If your school or coursework is not listed it is still possible it could transfer to Boyce College.

Prospective Transfer Students

If you have not yet applied to Boyce College and want to know if your credits will transfer, please browse the TES® site. Transfer credit are officially reviewed upon your acceptance to Boyce College.

Click here to begin or continue your application. For more information about transfer credits for prospective students, click here.

Common Transfer Questions

I am a dual enrollment student. What do I need to provide for transfer credit? 

Dual Enrollment students must provide a transcript from the college/university where they took the courses. A high school transcript showing the college credit is not sufficient for transfer credit. 

Will my general education/introductory level courses transfer?

Yes, most general education/introductory level courses will transfer from accredited institutions.

Are College Prep courses transferable?

No, Boyce College does not accept transfer credit for college preparatory courses.

What history courses transfer?

U.S. History and World History will transfer; however, if your institution separates U.S. History or World History into two courses, you must take both courses to receive transfer credit for HS161 or HS171, respectively.

World Civilizations or History of Civilizations does not transfer in as Ancient Near Eastern History (HS105).

What literature courses transfer?

Literature classes may come in as one of the Great Books classes (HU121 or HU122) but students must take at least one of the Great Books courses at Boyce. Therefore, any remaining literature courses must come in as literature electives. 

What math courses transfer?

Remedial math courses are not accepted for transfer credit. College Algebra and Contemporary Mathematics are transferable as MA111 and MA102, respectively. 

Higher level math courses, such as calculus, trigonometry, etc., are transferable as math electives.  

What science courses transfer?

Physical Science and Physical Science lab will transfer as SC121 and SC122

Biology and Biology lab will transfer as SC111 and SC112.

Higher level science courses, such as chemistry and physics, will transfer as science electives. 

What courses are not transferable?

Due to accreditation standards, Boyce College can only accept courses that we are also accredited to teach. Some examples of non-transferable courses could include the following: certain language courses, criminal justice, engineering, law/legal, medical/nursing, military, physical education, and social work courses.

Questions? Contact Boyce Academic Advising 

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