Kentuckiana Metroversity

Full-time Southern Seminary students enrolled in a degree program can take courses at one of the following schools in Kentuckiana Metroversity without paying tuition at these schools. They must pay registration fees to Southern Seminary and any applicable course fees to the institution at which they are taking the course. Courses must be taken during fall and spring semesters only—not January or summer terms.

Eligibility. All full-time students in good standing who have earned a minimum of twelve hours at their home institution and maintain a C (2.0) GPA at the undergraduate level or a B (3.0) GPA at the graduate level may access Cross Registration.

Registration Information. Students begin the Cross Registration process at their home institution, then proceed to the host institution. Students can register for courses at other Metroversity institutions during the special times available for Cross Registration. Those dates and times are available for each term or semester in each institution’s Registrar’s Office. Cross Registration forms with instructions are available in each Registrar’s Office. Students must have the approval of their academic advisor, and appropriate signatures from the home and host institution to complete their registration. Information on courses available at Metroversity institutions is available in each member institution’s Registrar’s Office.

Grades and Credit. When a student participates in Cross Registration, credit earned is automatically sent to their home institution and processed. Students should check their home institution’s policy on accepting grades from Cross Registration courses.

Other Information. Calendars, drop/add dates, and other regulations may vary by campus. It is the responsibility of the student to meet course requirements for the institution offering the course.