Audit Policy

Auditing classes allows individuals to attend class lectures to pursue biblical and theological knowledge without being subjected to the course requirements to earn a letter grade.

Audited courses may not be taken for credit later.

Auditing Fee

The Audit Fee is the cost for 1 credit hour at the current SBC or non-SBC tuition rate.  There is no enrollment fee if the audited course is the only course for the semester.

Who Can Audit?

  • Boyce/SBTS Alumni
  • Current students:
    • Must be in good academic standing (At least 2.0 GPA overall and in the most recent semester)
    • Completed 18 hours of coursework at Boyce College (does not include transfer hours).
  • Anyone who only desires to audit courses and has not taken classes at Boyce College must apply for admission as a non-degree student.

Auditing Requirements

  1. The Audit Request Form (below) must be submitted by midnight the Monday before the start of on-campus courses for that semester/term. Request submitted after this deadline will be denied.
    • Once this form is submitted, the Academic Records office will request professor approval for all audit requests. Students cannot audit a class until the professor has granted permission to Academic Records.
  2. There must be a physical seat available in the classroom at the start of the semester.
  3. Only on-campus classes can be audited.
  4. Internet (WW), modular courses (MD), or doctoral courses CANNOT be audited.
  5. The following courses CANNOT be audited:
    • LN141, LN142, LN241, LN242 – Latin I, Latin II, Latin III, and Latin IV
    • LN231 and LN 232 – Greek I and Greek II
    • LN321 and LN322 – Hebrew I and Hebrew II
    • SC112 – Principles of Biology Lab
    • SC122 – Principles of Physical Science Lab
    • Primary Study, Bands, and Ensemble music courses
    • For a list of SBTS Master courses that cannot be audited, click here

Changing Auditing/Credit Status or Dropping the Course

Changing to and from audit/credit status must be completed by the end of the first week of on-campus courses. Requests after the first week of class will be denied.

Dropping an audited course may only take place during the first week of on-campus courses by completing the Course Change Form. Refunds are only issued during the first week of classes. There are NO refunds after the first week of classes.

Transcript and Grade

Audited courses will appear on the individual transcript with a grade of NC (no credit).