Boyce College and Southern Seminary Chapel occurs every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11am in Alumni Chapel.

Alumni Memorial Chapel

Spring 2020 Speaker Schedule

Thursday, March 5
Robert L. Plummer
Collin and Evelyn Aikman Professor of Biblical Studies

Tuesday, March 10
Abraham Kuruvilla
Senior Research Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary

Thursday, March 12
Matt Mason
Senior Pastor, The Church at Brook Hills

Tuesday, March 17
Ronnie Floyd
President of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee

Thursday, March 19
R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Tuesday, March 24
Ed Moore
Senior Pastor, North Shore Baptist Church

Thursday, March 26
R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Spring Break | March 30 – April 3

Tuesday, April 7
Clint Pressley
Senior Pastor, Hickory Grove Baptist Church

Thursday, April 9
R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Spring Reading Days/T4G | April 13 – 16

Tuesday, April 21 – Spring Trustee Meeting
R. Albert Mohler Jr.

Thursday, April 23
Francisco Preaching Award Winner

Please note: Chapel schedule is subject to change.

Attendance Policy

All Boyce dorm residents are required to accrue 12 chapel credits each semester.

Chapel credits are awarded to students who scan into Chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays by 10:05am.

Certain on-campus conferences, academic lecture series, and other events may be designated by Boyce Student Life as chapel credit opportunities. Students must scan into the event within five minutes of its scheduled start time to receive credit.

Students found to be leaving Chapel or an extra credit event early may have their chapel credit for that event revoked.

Falling short of the required 12 chapel credits in a semester will result in the following fines:
$10 for the first credit short,
$25 for the second credit short,
$50 for the third credit short, and
Another $50 for each credit short beyond three.

If a student falls three or more credits short in a semester, they will be placed on chapel probation for the following semester.

If a student on chapel probation falls three or more credits short for a second consecutive semester, that student may be placed on suspension.

Semester-long exemptions may be granted by Boyce Student Life. To apply for an exemption, fill out the Dorm Meeting/Chapel Exemption Form below. Exemptions are only valid for one semester. Students must reapply each semester.

Dorm Meeting/Chapel Exemption