The H. Hart Hagan Clinic

A general health care clinic that provides quality care to those with illnesses and to those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Services Offered


In our Lab we can test for the following: Strep, Flu, Mono, RSV, UTI’s, Pregnancy, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol Levels, and Hemoglobin, and a diabetic screening test – the HgbA1C.


Services provided by Dr. Steven Hodge, a dermatologist from Advance Dermatology. Please call the clinic for an appointment (Monday afternoons)

All visits are $20. Mole removal will be an additional $10. (The specimen will be sent to Lab-Corp for pathophysiology for those with insurance – for those with no insurance, please talk to the clinic.)

  • Complete body checks
  • Mole, skin tag, other removals
  • Acne, rashes, eczema
  • Wart removal


Our physician will do a non-diagnostic ultrasound for confirming pregnancy and determining due dates. Ultrasound can be used for other needs, per physician.


Labs can be drawn with an order from a physician or nurse practitioner. The Lab Fee will be billed to your insurance, or you may pre-pay through our discount program.

Injection Services

  • Provided by our nursing staff when ordered by a physician or nurse practitioner.
  • Allergy injection serum can be sent from an allergist or physician’s office and administered in the clinic. Allergy injections are $2.00 each.
  • Flu Shots available during flu season.

Travel Vaccines & Adult Immunizations

Call for pricing.

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Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Closed from 9:50 a.m. – 11 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Walk-ins accommodated, appointments preferred.

Contact Us

H. Hart Hagan Clinic
Honeycutt 213

(502) 897-4497

For specific inquiries, please contact Karen Wellum, Nurse Manager.