The Most Dangerous Ideas of the Modern Age

Taught by Dr. Albert Mohler

An 8-week, undergraduate course beginning
Thursday, April 8th via Zoom video conference from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. ET.

Course Structure

This course is an eight-week, Spring 2 course which begins on Thursday, April 8th and will end the week of May 30th. The course will be from 1 – 4 pm ET and hosted via Zoom through Canvas. The live class sessions will be recorded for students unable to attend to participate later. Assignments and additional coursework will be completed in Canvas.

Course Description

The Most Dangerous Ideas of the Modern Age: A study of current philosophical and worldview trends impacting contemporary society. Students will learn to recognize, analyze, and develop apologetic strategies for modern systems of thought from a Christian worldview.

Special topics include totalitarianism, sexual liberation, postmodernism, atheism, and more.

Enrollment Options

This course is listed as PH265 – The Most Dangerous Ideas of the Modern Age and is available for three types of students:

Degree Seeking Students

This 3-hour course is available for students currently enrolled at Boyce College at the standard SBC rate of $1,068 or non-SBC rate of $1,425 (see tuition breakdown here). You may enroll in this course on mySBTS. Click below to access mySBTS.

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Non-Degree Seeking Students

Students not currently enrolled at Boyce College may take this course for 3 credit hours at the standard SBC rate of $1,068 or non-SBC rate of $1,425 (see tuition breakdown here). For interested students, the application process is abbreviated and will require the completion of an application which includes personal background information, a short testimony, current church information, and one pastoral recommendation. You can apply for free with code MOHLER20 by clicking the link below.

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Dual Enrollment Students

Students who are in high school may complete this 3-credit hour course as a dual enrollment student. Dual enrollment allows students to complete coursework which may be applied to high school and college simultaneously. The course costs $297 to complete. Interested students may apply and submit their application with the link below.

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*If you have any questions about the admissions process or how to get started, please contact the Boyce Admissions Office at or (502) 897-4201.