New Student Categories

Below is a list of categories to which new students can be accepted.

New Students

These are students who have completed the entire admissions process by submitting all required information and who have been accepted into a degree program.

Re-admitted Students

All students who do not formally withdraw (through the Academic Records Office) are required by school policy to re-apply. The amount of material that must be submitted is dependent upon how many semesters one is out of school. Students who do formally withdraw can contact the Admissions Office to see if additional materials are required before re-enrolling for classes.

Non-Southern Baptist Applicants

Many Boyce College applicants are not from a Southern Baptist background. While all students attending Boyce College receive the same educational experience that is subsidized by the tithe dollars of the Southern Baptist Convention, only Southern Baptist students qualify for the financial subsidy. Students transferring membership from a non-SBC church to an SBC church, seeking to obtain the SBC tuition rate, must complete the Southern Baptist Membership Verification form (SBCMV) with the requisite signature from their pastor. Learn more about the SBCMV.

Applicants Recently Divorced

Applicants who are divorced must wait a minimum of one calendar year before they can be considered for admission. Upon receipt of the application materials, additional information may be required, including an interview with the Dean of Students.

Academic Probation

Students lacking a 2.5 cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale) may be admitted on a case-by-case basis under Academic Probation. The student must maintain a ā€œCā€ average for the first two semesters in order for Academic Probation to be removed.

Delayed Admission

This status is granted on a case-by-case basis to students who for a variety of reasons are not able to be considered for immediate admission. Upon receipt of requested materials and documentation, these students will be reconsidered for the following semester.