Fall 2021


Career Creativity Workshop

Date: TBD

Have you ever wondered how your major connects with your future? Do you know what careers are available to you after pursuing your degree here at Boyce? In this workshop, we’ll walk through some of these questions together, discussing a biblical perspective of vocation and calling and how to brainstorm your career.



Virtual Career & Internship Expo

Date: Oct 20th, 11am-2pm (Eastern)

Network with businesses, ministries, non-profits, schools, missions agencies, and graduate schools at the Boyce College Career & Internship Expo. Dress professionally, bring your resume, and be ready to make connections that could help you land a lucrative internship or position at an organization after you graduate! Create your Profile today!

Fair2020 Quick Guide




Networking and Internships Workshop

Date: TBD

How do you go from preparing academically and practically for your career in college to pursuing it successfully afterward? This workshop will push you think proactively about pursuing your career starting while you’re in college and how to build relationships that both help you get there and allow you to help others.




Spring 2021


Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

Date: TBD

Did you make a resume in high school and have just been adding things to it as they happen? Maybe you’ve never made a resume? And what in the world is a cover letter? In this workshop, we’ll walk through writing a resume and cover letter specifically targeted for the job you’re pursuing. These documents are a key part of your career pursuit, so let’s make sure they’re the best they can be!


The Career Forum: What I Wish I’d Known


Do you sometimes stare into the unknown void that is post-college life and wonder how in the world you’ll make it? Do you wish that you could get practical wisdom from those who have already experienced the plunge into their career? At this Career Forum, you’ll get to listen to interviews from Boyce alumni who have been in their careers for anywhere between 1 and 15 years. Alumni from a broad range of careers will be there to explain what they wish they’d known about their careers while they were in college and to answer your burning questions about your career.


Professionalism and Communication Workshop


So far we’ve talked a lot about how to get the job you’re pursuing, but what about once you land it? What does it look like to  follow Jesus in the workplace? In this workshop, a communications professor from a local university will discuss professionalism in the workplace, generational differences, and engaging unbelievers in the secular workplace.