Field Experience Handbook

Teacher Candidate Procedures for Field Experience

Before you begin your placement:

  1. Set up your LiveText account. If you do not have LiveText, follow the instructions here. You cannot begin Field Experience without this completed.
  2. Complete a Volunteer Records Check. The cost for this is $10.00. The application students must complete can be accessed here. Please notify your course instructor after you have completed the application online.
  3. Complete the Professionalism & Confidentiality Agreement and return to the Boyce TEP Coordinator in Whitsitt 119.

When you receive your placement:

  1. Contact your supervising teacher via e-mail:
    — Introduce yourself and schedule a time to visit the classroom.
    — Include your name and phone number for a return call if the cooperating teacher needs to contact you.
    — Inquire about policies and procedures you should observe when visiting, especially with regard to checking in and out of school.
  2. Keep all appointments and arrive at school promptly each time you visit.
  3. Notify the cooperating teacher immediately if you need to change a visit.
  4. Notify Dr. Tucker if you do NOT hear from the cooperating teacher within one week after the initial email.
  5. Look through LiveText and be able to explain the procedures the cooperating teacher must follow. If you do not know this, please see Dr. Tucker BEFORE your initial visit.

First visit to the school/classroom:

  1. Introduce yourself to the office staff and principal (if available).
  2. Give the cooperating teacher the letter from Dr. Tucker.
  3. View the welcome video with your cooperating teacher.
  4. Discuss the subject(s) you will be working with the cooperating teacher on and ask for the times and days this subject is taught in the classroom.
  5. Explain what your requirements are for this placement (How many hours? How many lessons you must teach? You should explain you want to be active and not just sit back and observe.)
  6. Discuss with your cooperating teacher about LiveText and how they will evaluate your performance and also approve your hours. (You might need to show them how to do this.) The Boyce Teaching Lesson Observation and the Teacher Candidate Evaluation are forms every Field Experience Cooperating Teacher will fill out via Livetext. You can give them to your cooperating teacher as a reminder of what is on LiveText.
  7. Ask about classroom policies and express appreciation to the cooperating teacher for agreeing to work with you.
  8. Complete the Confirmation of First Visit form (the cooperating teacher must sign this) and return this to your course instructor to give proof of the visit. You must complete one form for each Boyce class with field experience.

Throughout the placement:

  1. Share your expectations and class requirements with the cooperating teacher and seek input
  2. Direct any concerns about your field experience to your course instructor or Dr. Tucker in a confidential setting
  3. Remain objective in your evaluation of the experience, reserving negative criticism
  4. Maintain a professional demeanor at all times and adhere to school guidelines ESPECIALLY regarding dress
  5. Complete a Field Experience Teacher Observation Form EACH time you visit the school. The Field Experience Teacher Observation Forms should correspond with your time in LiveText.
  6. Upload your Field Experience hours to LiveText & KFETS*. You can use the Log of Field Experience Hours as a template to help you remember your hours.
  7. Express your appreciation in an email or card to the cooperating teacher at the end of the placement as he/she has volunteered time and talent to provide you a good experience.

Completion of your placement:

  1. Be sure your LiveText information is complete. (Have you filled in all of your hours and has your cooperating teacher approved them? Are your evaluations completed?***This is VERY important because you must have the evaluations completed before you can earn your final grade for your course. )
  2. Complete the Evaluation of Field Experience Cooperating Teacher on Livetext.
  3. Complete the Field Experience Teacher Observation Forms and upload to Livetext placement (under attachments).
  4. Submit all of Field Experience Teacher Observation Forms on the Field Experience side of LiveText
  5. Complete your Reflection (written narrative 3-5 pages) and upload to LiveText.

If your course requires you to teach a lesson and/or unit:

  1. Communicate with your cooperating teacher and discuss the objectives your lesson should meet.
  2. Research and complete the Lesson Plan. (See Lesson Plan Template)
  3. If you are teaching a Unit, use the TWS Handbook as a template to develop your unit.
  4. You must MEET WITH YOUR COOPERATING TEACHER at LEAST 2 days prior to teaching the lesson to discuss your lesson and make any needed changes. (Your cooperating teacher will need to sign the bottom of this lesson plan with the date you meet, for documentation.)
  5. Teach the lesson, implementing the appropriate co-teaching strategy.
  6. Complete the Lesson Analysis (within 2 days of teaching the lesson.)
  7. Include all assessments and handouts when uploading this to LiveText.
  8. Upload your lesson plan, all assessments, handouts, and Lesson Analysis to LiveText.

Remember you are representing yourself, Boyce, and our Lord throughout this experience!


If you would like editable word documents for any of the above documents, please email the Boyce TEP Administrative Coordinator at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your course instructor or Dr. Tucker ( 502-897-4820.


Any concerns can be submitted for review using the Student Complaint Form.


Program Standards

Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI Standards)

Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP Standards)

Kentucky Teacher Standards (KTS)

InTasc Standards

International Reading Association Standards

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE Standards)

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA Standards)

National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS Standards)

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM Standards)