Worldview Studies Certificate Essay Contest

Want a chance at earning a full-tuition scholarship for your first year of college?

Undecided on college? Unsure if Boyce is for you? Boyce College is offering first-year students who enroll in the Worldview Studies Program an opportunity at a full-tuition scholarship (SBC rate) to one winner of the Worldview Studies Essay Contest. All credits are fully transferable to other program at Boyce and most institutions around the country.


Even if you are planning to pursue a degree at another college, consider spending one year at Boyce to strengthen your Christian thought foundation through general studies courses and transfer those courses to your college of choice.


What is the Worldview Studies Program?

All students who come to Boyce College have an opportunity to participate in a program of study not offered at many other institutions: rigorous academic coursework from a Christian worldview perspective. Anyone with an interest in business, education, law, or ministry will also benefit from the Worldview Studies Program. Students will be introduced to the foundations of the Christian worldview, equipped for worldview analysis and cultural engagement, and prepared for a lifetime of Christian thinking in their vocations.


Who can participate?

All students—undecided, those planning to transfer, and even incoming Boyce freshmen—can participate in the Worldview Studies Program. The program augments regular coursework with exciting opportunities to hear scholars at the vanguard of worldview analysis and Christian thinking. The Worldview Studies required coursework is transferable and applies to all majors at Boyce College and most other institutions.


What do I have to do to enter the essay contest?

The essay contest is only open to those enrolled in the Worldview Studies Program. To enroll, contact your Admissions Advisor and ask to be enrolled in the program.


Submit a 600-900 word essay answering this question: “Why is studying the Christian worldview valuable for all undergraduate students, regardless of their major?”


The essay should be submitted as a Word document or PDF to with the subject of the email as “WSP Essay Contest Entry”. Be sure to include your contact information in the body of the email.


All essays must be original. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you use any sources, those quotations or summarizations should be cited in your preferred method of citation (MLA, Chicago, etc.). Formatting and style throughout should be collegiate, but you are not required to follow Southern Seminary’s Manual of Style. Be sure to proofread your essay before submission.


Submissions open May 15th and close on July 1st. The winner will be selected and notified by July 31st.


Terms and Conditions

This scholarship is non-transferable. Students must be enrolled in the Worldview Studies Program prior to July 1st to be eligible for consideration. The scholarship does not cover room and board. The scholarship only applies to courses necessary to complete the program. See a list of courses here. Courses completed for the Worldview Studies Certificate Program can also be applied towards a student’s degree in another program. Entry does not guarantee admission to Boyce College. Contest rules are subject to change.