English as a Second/New Language Certificate

This program provides both hands-on and in-class training in teaching English as a second or new language. For students preparing for international ministries, it is intended to provide the tools necessary for participation in educational activities abroad.

The curriculum in this certificate program is focused on allowing students the opportunity to participate in educational activities focused on teaching English as a second or new language.   Through the curriculum, the students will analyze educational philosophies and write their personal philosophy of education. Students will study various cultures and the characteristics that define each culture. Literary analysis is also addressed, which will allow the student to comprehend, interpret, discuss, and analyze various strategies in the ESL/ENL classroom. Also, students will describe the various assessment strategies used in the ESL/ENL classroom.

Field Experience

Through field experience, students interact with ESL/ENL learners to fulfill requirements for each class. Field experience is completed via observations as well as interactions with educational facilities or private organizations.  Throughout the 15 course credit hours the student will complete an additional 50 hours of field experience. Field experience opportunities give the students exposure and interactions with pupils at various ESL/ENL instructional levels as well as provide opportunities to test and apply learning theories in an instructional environment.



ED 205 Introduction to Education 3
EN 261 Cross Cultural Awareness or 3
EN 362 Second Language Acquisition
EN 262 Foundations of Linguistics and English Language Learning Issues 3
EN 363 Applied Linguistics: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening 3
EN 365 ESL/ENL Instruction and Assessment 3

Total Degree Hours


Learning Outcomes

    1. Students will be able to know, understand, and use the major theories and research related to the structure and acquisition of language to help ELL’s develop language, literacy and achievement in the content areas.
    2. Students will be able to know, understand, and use major concepts, principles, theories, and research related to the nature and role of culture and cultural groups to construct supportive learning environments for ELLs.
    3. Students will be able to know, understand, and use evidence based practices and strategies related to planning, implement, and managing standards based ESL.
    4. Students will be able to demonstrate understanding of issues and concepts of assessment.
    5. Students will be able to articulate a Christian worldview that incorporates moral leadership and ethical decision making with the ELL students.

Completing the Certificate
Although most students earn the ESL/ENL certificate as part of Boyce’s Teacher Education Program, students are able to complete the ESL/ENL certificate stand-alone. However, due to the rotation of course offerings, it may take students 2 years or more to complete the certificate by itself.

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