Boyce College Dual Enrollment

Earn college credit for $103 per hour

Boyce College provides students with a rigorous and distinctly Christian classroom experience to shape within them the biblical virtues and worldview necessary to love God and neighbor.

Ways to Earn Credit:

Dual credit courses offer a rigorous curriculum to both on-campus and online learners. Each dual credit course is taught by Boyce’s biblically faithful faculty, ensuring students receive content that meets high academic standards. Dual Enrollment courses introduce students to college-level work for which they may earn high school and college credit simultaneously.


Main Campus Courses

Students can earn dual enrollment credit by attending classes on our main campus in Louisville, KY. This option offers the true college campus experience.


Online Courses

Students can earn dual enrollment credit by enrolling in Boyce Online. This option entails all of the time and location conveniences that online education has to offer. Online courses are offered in 8-week terms and 16-week terms.

How do I get started?

Submit the following to the Boyce Admissions Office:

When completed, these items can be sent to or faxed to (502) 897-4723. Contact us with any questions you have at the Boyce Admissions Office or call us at 1 (800) 626-5525.