Ten Reasons To Go To A Christian College | Dr. Jim Scott Orrick

  1. Humans were created to know God. A human who does not know God is not fully human. Jesus is the only way to know God. Go to a college where the whole curriculum is designed to glorify Jesus and therefore make you fully human.
  2. God’s ultimate revelation is in his Son Jesus. Jesus is now on the throne of the universe. Go to a college that recognizes Jesus as the Lord of the world and encourages students to follow Jesus as Lord.
  3. God has given us a book that tells us how to know him and enjoy him forever: the Bible. Go to a college that values and teaches the Bible as the word of God, so you may understand what God has said and so that you may know God and enjoy him forever.
  4. All truth is God’s truth, and the whole earth is full of God’s glory. Go to a college that encourages students to see God’s glory everywhere it is revealed.
  5. The two ways that God consistently influences humans is through the literature of the Bible and through personal relationships. Go to a college where you may gladly come under the influence of the administration and faculty. After taking his class, there ought to be at least one professor about whom you say, “I want to be like him.”
  6. Go to a college where the professors love God, love their subjects, and love their students.
  7. Make good friends, for your friends will make you. Go to a college where you can make friends who will encourage you to pursue what is highest and most noble in life. He who walks with the wise becomes wise, but a companion of fools will come to ruin.
  8. College years are a time of life when students examine their belief system. Go to a college with an environment where this crucial examination may take place under the caring oversight of mature Christians.
  9. Most persons who go to college meet their mate at college. Go to a college where you are likely to meet an earnest Christian.
  10. The college from which you graduate is known as your alma mater. Alma Mater is Latin for soul mother. You may not choose the mother of your body, but you may choose the mother of your soul. Choose wisely.

Dr. Jim Scott Orrick  is the Professor of Literature and Culture at Boyce College. 

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