Tips for Transfer Students

Transferring from one college to another can be a unique experience with distinct opportunities and temptations. Here's how you can maximize your previous college experience.

Finish Well. The best preparation for the future is finishing well in the present. If you’re still finishing up at your college, finish well – academically, relationally, and spiritually. Express gratitude to those who’ve served you during your time there, and reflect on the lessons God’s taught you. Make the most of your remaining time with family, friends, church, and co-workers.

Share the excitement. No matter where you’re from, you have every reason to be excited about coming to Boyce. This next season promises to be a rich time full of scriptural teaching, fruitful ministry, sanctifying relationships, lifelong memories, and wartime preparation. So as you arrive at Boyce with a mass of eager students, share the excitement. Share in the enthusiasm and let the excitement around you fuel your own passion for Christ, his church, and the priceless ministry preparation before you.

Jump right in. You’ll have less time at Boyce than the average freshman, so jump right in. Since you already have some college experience, the learning curve shouldn’t be as steep for you. Get to know your professors and get on top of your assignment. And get involved with new relationships, campus activities, student organizations, and student leadership. Time will fly, so fly along with it.

Use your experience. Transfer students typically have a little more life experience and educational know-how. You may have been through some soul-shaking trials or had a few extra years of ministry experience. We are thankful for what God has been doing in your life and look forward to seeing how you use those experiences to serve others. The best transfers are those who humbly use their life experience to benefit the community – to be an example of Christian maturity, a guide for younger students as they navigate college life, an empathetic ear during difficult times, and a model of wisdom and balance in the midst of diverse priorities.

Use your gifts. You have God-given gifts, experiences, and desires, and you may even have a pretty good feel for where you fit in ministry. As soon as you arrive, start looking for ways to serve. We don’t want a single talent wasted or a single skill lying dormant. We’ll point you toward opportunities from the beginning, and if there isn’t a clear way for you to use your gifts, we’ll talk about to create one. New student organizations and are always forming, dorm life always needs more Christ-like lovers of people, and our Student Council is always dreaming up new ways to enjoy fellowship, build memories, and reach out. So start thinking now about how to use your gifts at Boyce.

Go deep in relationships. Your time at Boyce may be a bit shorter and your responsibilities may start a bit heavier, but we hope you’ll arrive with a desire to meet, get to know, and minister to people. Ask questions and listen well. Draw our people’s testimonies. Stir up good conversation in the cafeteria. Grab a coffee on Frankfort or Bardstown or Breckenridge. Join a small group or prayer group. Mentor a younger student. Go deep in relationships, and you will be deeply rewarded.

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