Thank you for your willingness to open your classroom to and supervise a Boyce College student teacher. Per state regulation 16 KAR 5:040 Section 2 (5), all supervising teachers of student teachers must complete the three (3) part Co-Teaching Online Training prior to the student teacher’s arrival into their classroom.

Co-Teaching Defined

“Co-Teaching is when two educators Co-Plan, Co-Instruct, and Co-Assess a group of students with diverse needs in the same general education classroom.”

Information on the new cooperating teacher requirements (16 KAR 5:040) can be found on the Kentucky Department of Education website. Using the links below, please complete Parts A, B, and C of the online Co-Teaching training.

  • Part A: Basic responsibilities of a cooperating teacher supervisor (iDrive Digital)
  • Part B: Best practice in supporting a student teacher (Online Training)
  • Part C: Effective assessment of the student teacher (Boyce College Cooperating Teacher Handbook)


If you have any difficulties completing this training, please contact our Teacher Education Program coordinator at